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Feng shui is the doorway
to healing

Transform your state of mind into a state of living

Owners of Wonder Space Amaya and Mary

 Fun FACT! 

The name Wonder Space came from my daughter Amaya. It was a project to teach her how to start a business, at the beginning of Covid while she was out of school. We started Wonder Space with all natural sprays which we still sell. Check out our shop.


Wonder Space Intentions

To empower my clients

To honor home, earth and humans

To do deep healing work

To shine a light on the darkness

To be open and humble

To be honest when not knowing the answer

To be accepting of all humans

To put self-care first

To live in the flow of inspired action

To have compassion always

Studies, Certifications & Teachers

— IFSG Red Ribbon Feng Shui Professional

— American Academy of Metaphysics: 

      Feng Shui Professional Program

— Mindful Design Feng Shui School of NYC

— London School of Feng Shui

— Holy Fire Reiki, Level 2

— Crystal Reiki Master

— Pro Crystal Healer

— Melchizedek Method, Level 2

— Shaman Studies with Mary Ann Robbat

— Modern Mystery School, Boston


— IFSG: International Feng Shui Guild

Healing myself is how I began this journey. I was not satisfied with my life circumstances and was determined to change them. When I found Feng Shui or I should say it found me, I knew it was the path I had been searching for and I went all in. It was my time to step up to my path and push away the resistance, the fear of failure. It was time to show my gifts, to be seen, and help others become more aligned with their greatest gifts so we can move humanity forward.


I think my story is a lot like many others. We are trying to live more purposefully, awake to a new way of being in this world. I want to be part of helping others thrive and remove the obstacles. Feng Shui is my passion first and business second.


For me, Feng Shui is a mix of the magical and the practical.  I was taught as a BTB practitioner which is modern and intuitive. I also use teachings of Ancient Feng Shui which include forms, formulas, and charts. The combination of both schools with the addition of crystals and sacred geometry, I refer to as Spiritual Feng Shui™, a new energy healing modality. 


The crossroads that we are moving through incorporate both the old and the new ways. As humans move out of duality into unity consciousness, we are trying to merge the old ways with the new ways. 

Qi (Chi) is a lot like electricity. you can not see it
but know it exists. By improving the Qi within our homes, business, and ourselves, you are impacting not only yourself but the impact ripples out to
the whole earth.


My purpose is to awaken and guide those who need support through the changing times. My gifts are not seeing auras, not tapping into past lives, but seeing the unseen energy that surrounds your space that informs me of the change needed for you to get unstuck and set movement in a new direction.


For my full story of how Feng Shui found me, read my blog article. I believe you have found me for a reason and I hope you contact me. We all have helpers out there, we just need to take the first step and allow ourselves to be helped. Let me make your space a Wonder Space!

from our home to yours,

Mary Ladybird

Certified Feng Shui Consultant

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