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Feng Shui Health

FIND Solutions in your Home 

October 3rd, 2022


Zoom Webinar Cost: $11

see Health in a Whole New Light

Learn the hidden health secrets of your home

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Are you having health issues that you just can’t seem to resolve? Do you know your home environment can affect your health? I will be sharing how to see the unseen patterns so you can heal and create a new reality, a healthier one!


 I help by working with the energy around your space to change the impact on your health. I will be teaching:

🍂  9 Ways to identify Health Issues in your home

🍂  What areas in the home magnify the health issue

🍂  How you can start working on your home to achieve optimal health


Mary Ladybird

Certified Feng Shui Consultant


I can help you find the right pieces to put your health back together.

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Did you know your home can reveal what is going on in your life? A home's floorplan holds an energetic blueprint of your energy and people can be interested in homes that match their own frequency. Would you like to see what your home says about you?

  • Join me for a floorplan reading and watch as I read real floor plans submitted by the newsletter subscribers!

  • Submit yours and it could be chosen during the webinar! Don't have an architect version? Draw it yourself, scan and email it! 

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