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How Feng Shui Found Me

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

My story starts off like most stories do. There were tumultuous events that led to my extraordinary Feng Shui journey. I had left a 22 year marriage, said goodbye to a house that I brought my daughter home to, my car got totaled by a drug addict and my lovely cat died. This all transpired in 3 months time. Needless to say my life was in upheaval and very difficult. Accepting and making change was a necessity, not a luxury.

This all led me to take a hard look at my life and figure out what makes me happy, something I never did before. I was too busy looking after others, attempting to make them happy as my first priority. That took all my energy and had little to none for myself.

Sometimes life brings us challenges and hardships so we can reset ourselves to a better direction for our life.

After settling in to all the changes, I finally had the space and time to find myself again. I finally had the space and time to find myself again. I started drawing daily, practiced meditation, and took long walks to reconnect with nature. I took classes on intuition and started exploring tuning forks. I found time to play my Ukulele which brings much joy to my daily life. I didn’t realize it but I was finding my passions again—which brought energy to me, verses giving it all away.

I was finding my true nature but also realizing one big thing—my corporate job was causing feelings of strife, not joy. The job is supportive in many ways but I kept getting that “ugh” feeling. A new and remarkable thing began happening. When I was connecting to my passions, I would get an “ahh” feeling, a good feeling.

As I learned what things I loved to do, I became more loving to myself.

As I started to explore my “ahhs” I realised I would love to do home organization. As a young adult, I would fantasize about being a realtor, interior designer, or an architect. I had dreams at night of creating my own floor plans. However, fear always held me back and I stayed in my comfortable world of graphic design. One thought I kept having was I missed the boat, it was too late, I already decided what to do with my career.

This time, I told myself, it would be different. I was ready to dive into home organization with gusto. That’s when the call came in. On a whim I signed up for a call with a medium (check out Amy Major who is fab) to discuss my personal energy for the year ahead. We quickly got to the subject of work and she said “I see you doing something with home organization….but specifically Feng Shui.” A huge lightbulb went off. Yes, what a perfect combination of everything I love; viewing people’s homes, looking at architecture, interior design, and most of all the spiritual aspect of helping others.

It was then I remembered buying Feng Shui books in my 20s and even using iChing coins to see what the ancient oracle had to say. Somehow it all got lost or given away during my many moves. I realized I wasn’t supposed to find Feng Shui again until the time was right. This was the time and my excitement grew. Feng Shui found me just when I needed it the most.

I am a quadruple virgo (sun, moon, mercury and mars for those who follow western astrology) so the first thing I did was go straight to the library and took out 52 books on the subject and signed up for 3 certification courses. There is one thing Virgos don’t do and that is waste time! I was like a sponge and took in everything I could find. I also had to find my way using some discernment. With practice, I have found my special gifts and contributions to the ancient art of living. Mixing wisdom from the classical, modern and form school, I have found the perfect combination that suits everyone’s beliefs and needs.

I full-heartedly dove in and there was no turning back. This was it—something that would fulfill me, bring harmony to others, and positively affect the earth, our true home. Sometimes life brings these magical moments. Never let hard times get the best of you because they are just roads to the path of happiness. My road, with it’s rough and challenging start, brought me home to Feng Shui.

My life is on an upward path to happiness thanks to a phone call, an open heart, and some guidance that we all need from time to time. I am enjoying my work for the first time in my life, knowing I can contribute my knowledge to make a difference in people’s lives.

When you spend everyday doing what you love, it only brings in more of the same.

Share your life story with me. I would love to guide you using Feng Shui, bringing balance to a life that sometimes may be chaotic. Let’s open the door, bring in the light, and start you on your path to a better future!

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