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Looking for Unity

Lion & Lionese Gate 2022

As a Feng Shui consultant balance is a constant goal. It is about balancing the elements, the space, light, dark, noisy, and quiet areas, etc. A balanced home leads to balance within which then brings forth a balanced life.

For those of you who have heard of Lion’s Gate (and now Lioness Gate as there are both), yesterday the portal opened to Sirius and healing light codes are available for those who willing accept them. For those who don’t know about this you may consider it woo, woo, however, I encourage you to use this as an opportunity for expansion and knowledge.

The big message that I am receiving through this gate, and the energy currently, is it’s time to let go of what we know and step into a new way, making space and allowing new programming. It is a message of unity of the female and the male divine energies.

For centuries the male has dominated power and this is a time for the female to rise to power…. but not take full power like the male. It is to bring back balance, yes, and when you achieve balance what else happens? You create unity. Equal but not separate. You start seeing the world as the whole yin and yang, not just the yin, not just the yang. It then becomes the Tai-Chi, the oneness before duality.

How can you personally accomplish this? If you are female, check within to see if you need more masculine qualities. If male, see if you can balance with more feminine qualities. I would like you to now image you are a tree. What image comes to you? Perhaps a forest tree with sun shining through the branches, with pinecones on the ground. Did you see the roots of the tree that are growing underground in that image? Is that not just as much of the tree as what is above the surface?

Now think about the tree again in your mind. See the tree as it’s whole self, that is above and below. Now imagine yourself as that tree, seeing both the light and dark that surrounds it. The light and dark are not the tree, the tree is whole with light and dark in its environment.

I encourage you to be the tree, whole and in unity with its surrounding female and male divine aspects. Strong, rooted and reaching still for more knowledge and growth. If every human saw ourselves as whole, complete, and enough, what kind of world would this be today? Its cliche but important: be the change the world needs. Slow and steady like a tree, but today is the day to start to grow.

So how do you make this shift? First follow your intuition, follow what feels right for you as we are all different and in different spaces in our life. For those who would like a jumping off point, here are some ideas.

— Look at your home decor. Would you say it's overly feminine or masculine?

— Observe yourself at work in meetings.

— Who does most of the homes chores?

— Do you come off as the one in charge, or allows saying yes?

— Do you honor yourself and accept both the light and shadow sides of you?

There is no wrong answer to the questions as they are there to open your perception. Now is the time to start breathing through the solar plexus to strengthen that core center. Take a few breaths right now in through that chakra. Fill up your lungs and release through the mouth. Image gold light following in, healing and black smoke blowing out.

A great affirmation to use during this time is: "I accept myself as whole, both divine male and female in perfect balance, and hold the power of being unified."

I wish you joy along your path, and may you grow bright and root deep as you journey towards unity!


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