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Red Envelopes: A New Spin on Tradition

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The Exchanging of Red Envelopes

The ritual of giving and receiving red envelopes has its roots in traditional Chinese culture. Exchanging red envelopes between client and practitioner each time information is shared comes from the tradition of Black Sect TibetanTantric Buddhism which honors the lineage of oral transmission.

Giving red envelopes has been and still is a symbol of exchange that has many layers of meaning for everyone involved in the consultation. The red envelope is the customary symbol of energy exchange when Feng Shui information of transcendental nature or known as “remedies” or "cures" are shared. The offering is usually made in multiples of nine, a sacred number representing completion. Red is associated with the life force and symbolizes good luck, and blessings.

Why are Red Envelopes still used today?

In Buddhist traditions, there is a practice of generosity. When you give, you receive and when you receive, you also give. When we can truly give is when we can truly receive the teachings that are offered in the consults. There are many reasons why red envelopes are asked for. Here are a few:

  • Using red envelopes taps directly into lineage and brings the wisdom of the ancestors to reinforce the adjustments. In essence, it keeps the teaching alive.

  • Taking the time and effort to locate red envelopes and prepare them strengthens and enhances the effectiveness of transcendental cures.

  • To receive a red envelope brings good luck to both the person who gives it and the person who receives it.

  • Using red envelopes shows respect for the Feng Shui knowledge that is shared.

  • It's a connection with the consultant as they have offered you their energy, this is a way to mirror their gift to you.

It is important for this exchange to be separate from the main session fee, as it is spiritual in nature and should be respected.

why can it be difficult to give red envelopes

The way of the red envelopes is a teaching in itself. Money can be connected to a myriad of issues and beliefs. Asking for something as simple as money in an envelope that is beyond normalcy (and not as easy as Venmo/Paypal) can be a trigger and result in difficulties when trying to get it to a consultant. I find the lesson is usually connected to the consultation itself. If there is resistance to make changes or it takes work to make the change needed on the client's part, most likely sending money in an envelope will also be resisted.

HOW to give when in resistance

Do you currently need to send envelops to your consultant and can't seem to find the time or motivation? Stop and ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes it hard for you to send it the way it was requested?

  • Are you willing to put in the work in order to receive the change that you want?

  • Have you avoided starting to make any of the changes suggested?

  • What value do you place on your own self worth?

  • Do you see yourself as generous or hold on to money for dear life?

After learning where the resistance stems from you should be able to gleam some pearls of wisdom about yourself and even perhaps to the issues that were discussed in the consult. It's all energy and another way the universe is showing you how you perceive it.

If you continue to struggle with it, reach out to your consultant or practitioner. Tell them what is happening and ask to talk it through. Hopefully this happens before your consult and then you will be open and ready to receive!

I am updating this practice by calling it the "Generosity Envelope" and changing the way it can be used. It doesn't have to be red (but I do love the red ones) and it doesn't have to be cash-o-la. Write me a note about how you have been noticing positive changes or some "Ah-ha" moment during the consult. Send me a flower, leaf, or crystal in an envelope. It could be a poem or your favorite quote. Send me anything that makes your heart sing that shows your appreciation. The most important part is that there is recognition and an exchange of energy for the specific cures.

There are lessons in life and I believe the red envelope can say a lot about where we are on that road in life.

Thanks for listening and make your space a wonder space!


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