Infuse your being with light! Apophyllite stones have a high vibration that will raise your spirits. The lovely crystals, including the little pyramids, are wonderful to work with. Apophyllite uses:

  • Placed on the third eye, they may intensify your vision
  • Help to open you up to Spiritual awakening 
  • Aids your travel through the soul star chakra to connect with Spiritual guides.


I have a special affinity with Apophyllite and use it in creating sacred space before starting my Feng Shui sessions. Plus, they are just so beautiful to look at! I am happy to offer these beautiful, hand picked Grade A crystals. Add to your space and notice the difference it makes!

Apophyllite Crystals

  • Just a quick note: there is a limited supply. Use the dropdown to select the one calling to you!

  • A:  703g, ~6x3.5 inches

    B:  646g, ~6x4 inches

    C:  293g, ~5x3 inches

    D:  229g, ~3x2.5 inches

    E:  202g, ~4.5x2.5 inches