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This activation is helping you connect to positive stellar races that you have a natural affinity with. Light Language is being streamed via the connection to my higher consciousness, whilst at the same time being translated into sound and movement bringing in healing and light codes.


Anything can happen in a Light language— Galactic Beings, past or future lives, loved ones, or spirit guides are some of the entities that come through. What you need most in that moment comes in. 

Light Language: 1 Hour Session

  • Light Language is communication from galactic and soul frequencies for your highest potential. It expands your heart, cleanses your mind, and heals your body. It bypasses the mind and speaks directly to your soul. The healing tends to be fast and direct.

    1. Order session above through store.

    2. Get a download PDF with link to book a date.

    3. Get confirmation and Zoom link for session.

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