DEPOSIT ONLY—contact for customized price for your unique home


  • Learn the 9 areas within your home based on the direction of your home

  • A review of your land, floor plan, and the area that surrounds it.

  • A session discussing the 8 Mansions and 24 mountains with specific recommendations to work with it

  • Know where your best directions are for the major areas of the home

  • Learn about the Flying Stars and how it affects your space

  • How to design your home using your elemental support and balance

  • Discuss the yearly energies to know when and where to renovate

  • 1:1 session, either virtual or in-person, up to 2 hours

  • You will receive a downloadable PDF of a personalized recommendation report

  • A quick email follow up call to ask questions, make adjustments, and ensure you're supported

Deposit—Classical Feng Shui Consult