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make your home

My programs include all that I am and co-creation with spirit.
I combine my knowledge, gifts and skills in all that I do.

They all work together beautifully,

like a tapestry of connected threads.

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What is Spiritual Feng Shui?

It is elevating the energy of your home and body into the fifth dimensional, new earth energy. It is about breaking patterns and boundaries of the old to achieve your desires and live your highest timeline.

1 month program

In my one month program we will meet once a week for four weeks.


The first meeting

We will dive into what struggles or current roadblocks you're experiencing. We then discuss the basics of Feng Shui and what the energy of your home looks like so you can immediately start making changes.

Second meeting

Here we go deeper into the feng shui changes that can help free up energy and change patterns. You will be given remedies and some manifestation techniques to work with, and really put things in motion.

third meeting

In the third week I will present space clearing from dowsing your floor plan as well as remotely clearing your space. I will also then work with your home to bring in the new like codes and anchor new earth dimensions.

Fourth meeting

By the fourth week, you should see a shift in energy and we will set a plan in place for you to continue on your own. You will now have all the tools for the road and journey ahead to transforming your life.

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make your dreams a reality

3 month program

The three month program is the same as the one month, but includes:

Two additional months of bi-weekly calls

Deeper level spiritual & healing work

Learn new modalities & techniques for healing

Personal light language healing session

Receive a crystal coded in quantum field 5D energy


I also offer a subscription service that now combines all of these areas for a reduced cost. It offers you the opportunity to connect once a month without the investment of a consult.


Interested? Check it out!

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