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  • What does it mean when you say the ingredients are natural?
    The ingredients in Wonder Space Spray and Mist products are all nature based and contain no harmful chemicals. We list the ingredients on the product's page and the bottle and you will see they are mostly plant based or mineral based.
  • Does your products contain any synthetic preservatives?
    No, Wonder Space products are free of synthetic preservatives, fillers, colourants and chemical fragrances as well as parabens.
  • Where are your sprays and mists produced?
    All our sprays and mists are hand crafted in our home in Massechusetts. We use a sanitized surface and specific bowls for each product. Our measuring cups are stainless steal and no BPA plastics are used in the making of our fine sprays.
  • Are your sprays and mists hypo-allergenic?
    Our spray products are plant and nature-derived, and are created to be as gentle on and nourishing to the skin, as possible. Allergic reactions are rare. It is however possible to be allergic to almost anything, including naturally-occurring substances and matter. If you suspect sensitivity to an ingredient, please conduct a patch test first, on a small area of your skin. You may even contact us before you purchase to inquire on a specific allergy.
  • Are Wonder Space products tested on animals?
    We do not test on animals. We have a dog and cat that would be very angry with us if we did. Joking aside, we believe strongly in no animal testing and hope to live in a world someday where that is not a concern anymore.
  • Are the products vegan-safe?
    Our sprays use mostly 100% plant-derived ingredients and natural occurring minerals. Please feel free to inspect the ingredients before you purchase.
  • Is it safe to use the sprays if I'm pregant?
    Wonder Space products do not contain Retinoids or Salicylic Acid. There is no alcohol in the products and should not pose an issue.


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