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Creating the Life you Want with Intention

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

So many of us have goals we want to achieve or things we want in our life but most of the time it is hard to just keep up with the dishes. How do we go about creating something new in our life when the old keeps getting in the way?

I will share with you what has worked for me and the knowledge I have gained along my unique path and how feng shui can help.

The best place to start is to assess where you are right now. Stop and look around your home and try to see it with fresh eyes. What do you notice and most importantly, how does it make you feel? When you see your exercise bike in the corner of your room that hasn’t been used in a year, what feelings come up? Be sure to write them down and then move on to the next thing you notice. When finished, this list can be turned into a checklist, such as, Sell the exercise bike or Commit to riding 15 min a day. Imagine what new feelings you would have after making that decision. Go room by room and write what you observe. You may want to stop and do this now or set a time on your calendar to go through your home.

If we are wanting to make changes to our current life, it’s essential to explore the energies that are currently around us.

After assessing your home, next you will look internally. What is going well in your life? What are things currently not working or are frustrating? Now go one step deeper—What has always been an issue for you? Perhaps career or finding or keeping jobs is always difficult. Perhaps family relations are a struggle. Take time to really sink into it and look at the following categories:

Career & Purpose:

Current career,life path, passions, non-income job (shout out to moms/dads!)

Wisdom & Spirituality:

Education, self-improvement, spiritual pursuits

Family & Household:

Parents/siblings, family you are raising, running household

Wealth & Luxury:

Prosperity, fortunate blessings, finer things in life

Appreciation & Recognition:

Personal recognition/appreciation, how people talk about you

Relationship & Partnership:

Marriage, romantic partners

Children & Creativity:

Raising children, creative expression, ideas come to life

Mentors & Friendships:

finding the right people to help you, supportive friends, travel, tech

Health & Wellbeing:

Physical, mental, emotional

Make some notes about each category and assign a number 1-10, one being terrible, frustrating or unchangeable, 10 being bliss, happy, or smooth sailing. The purpose of this exercise is that we will be looking at the hard stuff so we can move through it instead of living in it. You may find that some resistance shows up when doing this. Just recognize it and say “Thank you for showing me that there is something here that is painful and that I really need to look at it when I’m ready.”

Happiness comes from knowing yourself—when you know yourself you know the Universe.

After going through the categories and assessing each one, you may notice or realize a theme or pattern appears. If a couple of categories come up as life-long struggles, choose one to work with right now. Perhaps the lowest number on the list. Let’s make a list of beliefs you have about that one issue. For example, if wealth or money has always been a struggle, what do you believe about it? What are your beliefs or thoughts of people that have money or don’t have money? Have you been in situations that created fear around losing money? Working with these themes and beliefs will open up your perception on how you view reality.

Of course there can be many layers to work through, including past lives, karma, ancestral ties, etc. that you may realize are attached to the life pattern. You don’t need to know where they come from to heal them. Going through the process I just explained will expose the things that were hiding under the surface to now appear and can be worked on. To move through all the layers of the onion, you first have to make the cut to see those layers.

So how do we move from suffering to joy? It’s such a simple question that has been attempted to be answered over thousands of years. I can’t say I’m “the One” that finally has that answer for you. The path will be different for everyone. However, I can help start that process to find happiness with you. When you work with me, I see your healing as a collective effort and will help you take the next steps on your path through the layers.

I created a meditation to help you find your hidden joy within yourself and home. You can listen to it for free on my YouTube channel, WonderSpace Feng Shui.

Moving back to the example of issues with wealth, what are some new beliefs you can create that would make you feel joy about money? Next to your negative (or current) beliefs, write the opposite of those beliefs. Turn “I feel like a slave to money” to “Money makes me feel expansive, I am free to use money as I please”. After changing the beliefs you can say out loud, “Even though I have had these negative beliefs in my life, they are not my reality. I get to choose beliefs for my highest good and greatest potential.”

Lastly, I would invite you to where we started: looking at your home. See it with fresh potential! What could you move, add or rearrange that would bring those new beliefs to life right now? Continuing with the wealth example, perhaps you could feng shui your purse by opening it and doing a clean out and organizing it. It can feel like a fresh start and give you the sense that your finances are in order. If you love plants, consider getting a money tree (Pachira aquatica) and imagine your finances growing every time you see it. The key with anything is intention. You want the plant to be a trigger to bring in positive feelings about money. This is different from “magical thinking”. Just buying a money plant and expecting wealth is not the same thing. For example, Stonehenge could have been just a bunch of rocks, but the intention behind it’s placement makes it a tool for manifestation.

Just set a strong and clear intention. Energy flows where attention and intention goes. You could even print out your new beliefs in a pretty font and hang it by your desk. The more the object can be seen on a daily basis, the more attention it gets, the more positive you will start to feel about it.

I hope this information will help you get started balancing your life with more joy and less strife!

Until next time, make your space a Wonder Space!

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